Agile Auditing: Preparing for a Dynamic World

Real-world examples of applying soft skills for success

You've already heard all the buzzwords and textbook theories of how to implement agile auditing but you still don't understand what the concepts actually look like in the real world. You have heard of the benefits but you are not sure how to convince executives and the Board that it's right for the audit function in your organization and you are afraid the initiative may fail. In this webinar, Linh Truong, Chief Audit Executive who has implemented agile auditing at both small and large organizations, will walk you through real-world examples of successful implementations.

Tune in to this webinar to learn:

    • How to assess whether agile auditing is right for your organization
    • Step by step implementation guide and real-world examples of how to apply each step
    • What lessons Linh took on-board that can help you avoid the pitfalls and navigate common challenges
    • How to "sell" agile auditing to your team, executives, and the Audit Committee

You will leave this webinar with ideas and practices for optimizing your audit process and increasing the value of your audit function.

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