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You’ve probably read a blog post that has pushed your interests into a deeper dive on a topic, and this is your chance to inspire a similar journey for your peers in the industry. Did you just implement a new process at your job, have you created a “life hack” that makes your workflow easier, or do you have an experience that warrants sharing to a larger platform? Our contributors often use their blog posts as an opportunity to explore these tips and trends and start conversations or extend discussions to a broader community.

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Your experience is valuable, but you don’t often take the time to put it down in writing. Sharing that knowledge and experience is crucial to advancing all our careers and the field. If you consider yourself an emerging - or established - expert on a topic within your workplace, consider sharing it to a broader audience by contributing a white paper. We’ll amplify your knowledge and expertise by sharing it to our audiences too.

The energy of a sales floor is hard to beat, and our subject matter experts, Edutainers and guests can attest to the infusion of energy and excitement they feel after spending a day greeting our audiences, partners, and learners at a conference. But for ACI Learning, conferences are more than a booth – YOU can join us to see how we create magic behind the scenes, through unique events, live podcast tapings and more.

What’s more fun than hearing a conversation about topical things happening in your industry? Being PART of the conversation. Join our beloved and respected podcast or webinar hosts as a guest on our shows, Technado or Skeptical Auditor.

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You’ve likely followed along as your favorite subject matter experts or influencers took us along on a “day in the life” on social media. This is your chance to share with our audiences (on social media) what a day in YOUR life looks like. Show us a behind-the-scenes on how you manage a day in your career and give others a glimpse into how a day in that role might look for them. Our learners are constantly looking for inspiration and encouragement: YOUR daily grind is someone else’s dream.


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