The Evolution of Internal Audit Webinar

How to go boldly where no auditor has gone before

Internal audit has changed significantly over the years due to technological, social, and economic factors. Risks and controls have evolved, as have the methodologies used to perform reviews and the way audit results are communicated. In this webinar, Dr. Hernan Murdock examines that transformation and its implications for the future, so auditors can be prepared for the amazing, but challenging world ahead.

Tune in to this webinar to learn:

    • How technological advances impact business activities and audit methodology
    • The skills for success today, and into the future
    • The scope of work and how we will add value going forward
    • Best practice for keeping up with stakeholder demands
    • How to better collaborate throughout the organization
    • How to remain relevant as technology becomes even more powerful, pervasive, and disruptive

Students will gain a better appreciation for the types of changes affecting internal audit, and acquire practical ideas to thrive in our evolving environment.

Watch On-Demand

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